Alberta Healthy Living Programs

Alberta Healthy Living Programs


A Healthy Weight for a Healthy Life!


Alberta Healthy Living Programs have been put together by Alberta Health Services to help those seeking to achieve healthy weights for healthy lives. Classes are open to adults interested in learning effective and safe strategies to manage a healthy weight.


How do I register?


For information call: 1-877-314-6997 directly.  


Courses previously offered included:


     *Weight Management

     *Managing Emotional Eating

     *Better Choice Better Health

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Participants reported that they felt their health had improved after attending. They were better able to understand stressors and how to manage them, the role of calories in their diet and how to reduce them, they were better able to plan and prepare healthy meals. 83% felt they would be able to maintain the changes they'd made to their diet.

Some of the comments shared are:


  • “We had a great group with great feedback and the instructors were top notch.”

  • “The information on the various foods, sharing and the opportunity for discussion”

  • “All the “positive” reinforcement”

  • “Encouragement from staff”

  • “Thank you for all your great ideas/project time”

  • “Very satisfied with the information given by the staff. Staff are very patient and friendly.”

  • “Very pleased with this class and hope classes like this will continue to be offered free of charge”

  • “Information provided very useful and usable..”

  • “Will certainly recommend to others. Very informative”

  • “good presentation of the facts – clear, pleasant, non-judgmental"

  • “knowledge is power (plus discipline). This workshop gave me the power” 

  • “teaching me the right ways to eat”