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Tuesday, June 17, 2014 1:14:30 MDT PM

Dear Editor:

Last summer we were blessed with a wonderful baby boy. As first time parents, we have been amazed at the support and resources available for new parents in our community of Wetaskiwin. We would like to give them a public shout out and thank them for their outstanding support.

The Primary Care Network is amazing! Not only do they have pre and post natal care, they offer an abundance of supports to keep everyone in our community healthy and happy. From Deb, who welcomes us so kindly on the phone and in person, to the nurses and doctors who work at the PCN, you are appreciated.

The staff at Tower Clinic is outstanding. They are polite on the phone and so welcoming whenever we have an appointment at the clinic.

The team at the Wetaskiwin Health Unit runs like a well-oiled machine. From the nurse home visit to the vaccination appointments, the endless questions answered by the nurses in person and on the phone. They always make time for us and make us feel comfortable.

ParentLink is a wonderful resource for parents to utilize. They have a variety of free programs for mom, dad, and baby to attend, which feed the mind and the body.

Our favourite program we attend this year was Rhyming Tots, put on by the Wetaskiwin Communty Literacy program. Both Wendy and Anna are wonderful teachings. We know we will be singing the songs and acting out the rhymes with our son for years to come.

Our community of Wetaskiwin is a wonderful place to live. We want other parents and community members to know how many outstanding recourses are out there in our city for use to utilize and enjoy.

Nolana and Justin Wieclaw


Originally posted in The Wetaskiwin Times

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