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Need Help Connecting with

Community Resources and Supports?


We help patients navigate, explore and discover internal & external healthcare providers, as well as community support services.


This may include:

  • counselling referrals,

  • assistance with application completion (AISH, CPP, etc.),

  • referrals to youth programs,

  • information regarding affordable housing options,

  • connecting clients with income support,

  • working with those who have no source of income,

  • working with those who are struggling to meet basic needs - food, housing, clothing etc.



How do I access this?


Speak with your family Physician or a Primary Care Nurse (at a participating Physician clinics). A referral to the PCN Therapist can also be made by a PCN multi-disciplinary team member (Dietitian, Footcare Nurse, Prenatal Nurse, Therapist etc).