AlbertaQuits Helpline 

What is Quit Core?


This program can help you quit smoking!


AlbertaQuits Helpline is a support program that provides Albertans
the tools and skills they need to quit using tobacco.


We know quitting isn't easy but it is possible.

Join this supportive group & learn:


    ~ Smoking Cessation Techniques

   ~ Healthy Eating

   ~ Stress Management

   ~ Life After Smoking

   ~ and much more...

Who can attend?


The AlbertaQuits helpline is FREE for all residents of Alberta who want to kick their smoking habits to the curb.


Is there a cost?

No, all sessions are free of charge.

How do I register?


You may call the AlbertaQuits helpline directly.

Call toll-free at 1-866-710-7848 to receive confidential, non-judgmental support from their trained Quit Counselors.