Nutrition Counselling

                           “Eat this... not that”     “Try this diet... not that one”


                             Are you tired of not knowing who or what to believe anymore?


                                                  You're not alone. Our Registered Dietitian can help you navigate the nutrition jungle in                                                                   a way that works for your lifestyle. Our dietitian provides individual nutrition                                                          counselling and support to adults, teens and children.


The dietitian primarily provides individual nutrition counselling to patients requiring support with chronic disease management, including:


  • diabetes

  • heart disease

  • weight management

  • blood pressure and cholesterol management


Nutrition counselling is also available for other nutrition-related concerns including (but not limited to):


  • food allergies & restrictions

  • sport nutrition

  • general healthy eating


Our dietitian also facilitates a variety of group classes on nutrition-related topics. This includes Senior Moments, for weight management and healthy lifestyle change.

How does it work?


Initial nutrition counselling sessions are 1 hour in duration and follow up sessions are about 30 minutes

How do I meet with a dietitian?


A referral may be made through your family physician or your primary care nurse at one of the participating Physician clinics.










The Wetaskiwin Primary Care Network realizes

that nutrition and overall health are connected. Dietitian Services are free for those with a

valid Alberta Health Care number.

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